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S-288E Structural Epoxy Brick Bonding Adhesive - For Dry Application


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Product Type:

Adhesives - Epoxy Adhesives


S - 288E is a two-part, cold curing adhesive designed to bond special bricks.  It combines a long pot-life with a rapid cure enabling bonds to be handled next day. 

S - 288E is offered in its natural colour and in pigmented master colours - red, buff and blue - for the user to tint as required.  It cures to a matt finished surface.


•    Cut and bond of brick specials, concrete and blocks
•    Bonding of other substrates
•    Primarily designed to be used for special bricks, concrete/clinker blocks in dry application.
•    Can be used for masonry repair


•    Gives an authentic brick finish
•    Can be used on various substrates ie concrete, plywood, exposed aggregate, stainless steel and aluminium.
•    Combines a long pot-life with a overnight cure enabling bonds to be handled next day.
•    Product has a long handling time
•    Time saving and economical compared with conventional methods
•    Colour matching service is available for the user to tint as required.
•    Specials can be produces at short notice.
•    Product supplied in winter/summer grade to maintain cure time
•    Cures to a matt finish