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S-205E Structural Epoxy Aluminium Filled Shimming Compound - Classic

Engineering & Manufacturing:

Railway Carriage Manufacture
Marine Adhesives and Sealants
Lift Manufacture - Adhesives
Engineering and Fabrication Adhesives
Caravan Manufacture - Adhesives

Product Type:

Fillers- potting, moulding, lightweight


A two part epoxy shimming compound designed to level all floors underneath machinery.

It is highly thixotropic paste offering no resistance to trowelling but when, applied, will stay precisely in position with no tendency to slump outside.


Used in Railway Industry in carriage building.

Used in any Industry where machinery needs to be on a level fixing.

Shimming underneath machinery.

Levelling floors - general.


High compressive strength.

High impact strength.


Can be applied underneath existing machinery.

Can be used to level new floors.

Long cure time.

High performance.