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S-2052E Structural Slow Cure Epoxy Adhesive

Engineering & Manufacturing:

Railway Carriage Manufacture
Marine Adhesives and Sealants
Lift Manufacture - Adhesives
Filter Adhesives
Engineering and Fabrication Adhesives
Caravan Manufacture - Adhesives

Product Type:

Adhesives - Epoxy Adhesives


A two part epoxy adhesive with long open time. Bonds a wide variety of metals and plastics.

S-2052E exhibits reasonable performance over the temperature range from -20 to 150o C. S-2052E has a medium length work-life, 90 mins, to cater for a long assembly time.


Metal and plastic assembly Used in Automotive, Aerospace, Railway, Caravan , Lift, Sign and any Industry where metal and plastics need to be bonded. A very good all round adhesive.


It has a medium viscosity.

Bonds a wide variety of metals and plastics.

A long open time for repositioning

Good work life.

Labour saving.

Reasonable temperature resistance.