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S-2364E Structural Epoxy Brick Perforation Filler


Building and Civil Engineering Adhesives
Adhesives for Architects/Builders

Product Type:

Fillers- potting, moulding, lightweight


S – 2364 E is a two-part, free-flowing, cold curing epoxy paste designed to fill the perforations in bricks. It combines a long pot-life with a rapid cure enabling bonds to be handled next day. S - 2364 E is offered in its natural colour and in pigmented master colours - red, buff and blue - for the user to tint as required.


Filling. Brick perforation prior to cut and bond application.

Filling voids in bricks and concrete.


Enables production of brick specials from perforated bricks.

Light weight – economical usage.

Low shrinkage.

Can be sanded and cut.

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S-2364E Structural Epoxy Brick Perforation Filler

S-2364E Structural Epoxy Brick Perforation Filler