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Case Studies

Project: The Richmond Building, University of Bristol BS8 1LN

Principal Contractor & Specifier: Galliford Try

Scope: External and internal refurbishment. The £8.7m project will result in the low energy building achieving an “Excellent” BREEAM rating.

Adhesive requirements: To bond small engineering Ibstock clay brick slips onto an 8mm coat of Weber OCR T render. This involved the approval of two Structural Adhesives Ltd products;

S-2625E which was modified to give a slower cure rate and also had a pigment ‘marker’ added for correct mixing indication. The difficult application of the brick slips directly onto the render meant there would potentially be a lot of adjustment, calling for an extended open time from the adhesive.

S-2720E was used for the overhead work, the adhesive needed an extremely high grab as the contractor was unable to support the slips during the curing period. The small size of the brick slip surface area and their heavy nature meant a standard adhesive would not suffice.

Project completion: Ongoing as of 10.09.2014

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Project: Stadium:MK (Denbigh Stadium) Milton Keynes MK1 1ST

Principal Contractor: Buckingham Group Contracting

Specifier: Architect: HOK Sport Architects

Scope: Construction of football stadium and surrounding retail park. Estimated project cost £56m+

Adhesive requirements: Block supplier Lignacite were required to bond black polished granite faces to concrete blocks to provide a uniformed theme of high quality facing blocks throughout the expansive retail site. The adhesive needed to be designed for machine extrusion with an exceptionally fast cure time to enable the blocks to loaded within 30 minutes of the bonding taking place. Automated equipment was installed at Lignacite in Brandon Suffolk, which included a dual dispensing machine and a pneumatic turntable and press, as well as a long section of rollers, to deliver the finished blocks to the loading area.

S-2576E was formulated and tested by CERAM Building Technology, who approved the product for both bond strength and simulated weathering.

Project completion: Ongoing as of 10.06.14

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Project: Park Hill Sheffield S2 5PN

Principal Contractor: Urban Splash

Specifier: Hawkins Brown Architects

Scope: Regeneration of large housing estate. Park Hill is a grade II listed building and is the largest listed building in Europe covering over 17 acres. Renovations estimated at £146m+

Adhesive requirements: To enable the tiling of the walkway areas in front of the dwellings, which are exposed to the elements. Structural Adhesives Ltd were asked to design an adhesive which would provide a bond between Dural CS anticrack matting and Radmat Esha bitumen based membrane. The Radmat material is used to tank the flooring with the CS matting providing flexibility to the system thus eliminating cracks to the tiled areas.

S-2746E was specially designed to bond to the bitumen material present in the tank lining and also the polypropylene material in the anti crack matting. The adhesive needed to not only bond both dissimilar materials but also give a strong bond whilst remaining flexible. To achieve this an epoxy/MS Polymer hybrid material was developed by our technical department and approved by the architect. The product also needed to be low viscosity with a long open time so that the operatives could roller apply it over large areas.

Project completion: Ongoing as of 17.09.2014

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Project: Superdry Store, Cult Clothing Leicester Highcross

Principal Contractor: Mansell Construction

Specifier: Cult Clothing

Scope: To bond brick slips to plywood clad wall sections to give a uniformed brick effect.

Adhesive requirements: Our S-732U was specified following testing to bond the brick slips to the plywood to achieve the aesthetic requirements of the design/architect team.

S-732U VHG (very high grab) has recently been approved by Lucideon Laboratories in a brick slip to GRP scenario.

Project completion: Superdry Store opened in early 2009.

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Project: Meakin House, Moira, Leicestershire

Principal Contractor & Specifier: Ibstock Brick Ltd

Scope: To remove the render and then bond brick slips to the exterior, pointing up with traditional mortar, therefore returning the property to its original appearance

Adhesive requirements: To bond the Ibstock red clay brick slips to the freshly cleaned and prepared original brick face of the building. This project was undertaken as a joint publicity venture between Structural Adhesives Ltd and Ibstock Brick Ltd. The property is owned by an employee of the Ibstock Brick site in Ibstock, Leicestershire.

Structural Adhesives Ltd specified and supplied the adhesive – S-2625E 2 part epoxy and Ibstock Brick Ltd supplied the brick slips and labour.

Project completion: 2005

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