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Structural Adhesives Limited - Epoxy Adhesives, Structural Toughened Acrylic Adhesives, MS Polymer Adhesives/Sealants

Company Profile

Structural Adhesives Ltd is a well-established, rapidly expanding adhesive company with over twenty five years’ experience of developing, manufacturing and supplying a broad range of adhesives, paints, sealants, mortars and grouts to many industries including Aerospace, Engineering, Fuel Tank Lining, Building and Construction as well as working with Architects, Designers and Specifiers.   Our product range includes single part heat cured epoxy adhesives and sealants, two part epoxy adhesives, paints, toughened reactive acrylic adhesives, UV cure adhesives and MS polymer sealants.

By using the latest in research technologies Structural Adhesives Ltd has gained success towards developing new and emerging adhesive technology. Research and Development has become a core service and our highly qualified and experienced technical team can formulate products to meet all our clients’ requirements. 

All our products are manufactured under strict control, in accordance with our QC System and is ISO9001:2008 compliant.

We continue to invest in R&D looking at adhesive systems to tackle environmental issues that have become an intrinsic part of modern day living.  Structural Adhesives Ltd has experienced consistent growth and as a result of this expanded into the global markets, servicing the needs of not only the UK and Europe but America and Asia.

We specialise in Reactive Toughened Reactive Acrylics, Single Part Heat Cured Epoxy, Two Part Epoxies, MS Polymers, Polysiloxane Paints, UV Cure Adhesives.

Our Key Areas of Business:

Based on Natural Polymers, Polymer Dispersions/Emulsions, Toughened Reactive Adhesives, Acrylic and Epoxy Adhesives, Single and Two Part, UV Cure


Epoxy Sealant, Acrylic, MS Polymers, UV Cure, Polysiloxane Paints

Machinery and Services:

Research and Development, Consultancy, Toll Manufacture, Application Equipment, Process Equipment


Aerospace,  Architects/Builders, Building and Civil Engineering, Engineering and Fabrication, Sign Industry, Filter and Electronics, Flooring, Fuel Tank Lining, Offsite Building Construction, Modular Building, Locomotive, Automotive, Marine, Caravan Industry.