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Structural Adhesives Ltd - Adhesives and Sealants for all applications

Who Are Structural Adhesives

Structural Adhesives Ltd began innovating adhesives during the late 80's, formulating, developing, manufacturing and supplying a modest range of Adhesives. Today Structural Adhesives Ltd has a range of MS Polymers, Epoxies, Reactive Acrylics, Polysiloxane Paints, Mortars and Grouts which now total over a thousand, supporting a network of clients worldwide.

Instant Bonding Solutions

Here at Structural Adhesives Ltd we will listen to your requirements and offer solutions that will cater for all your needs.

Our Services

As well as offering services that include consultancy and toll manufacture, we also undertake Research and Development on behalf of our clients working closely and affectively with different core groups. We also continue to invest in R&D looking at. adhesive systems which can adapt to the ever changing demands from our customers, which ultimately are money/time/energy saving driven applications and wherever possible, thinking about environmental issues, which are also ever changing. Our highly qualified and experienced technical team can formulate products to meet all our clients needs. By using the latest in research technologies Structural Adhesives Ltd has gained success towards developing new and emerging adhesive technology. With over 25 years manufacturing and supplying experience, we can offer a reliable service whatever your needs.

What Can We do For You?

Our key areas of business are Ms Polymers, Polymer Dispersions/Emulsions, Toughened Reactive Acrylics Single Part Heat Cured Epoxies, Two Part Epoxies, Polysiloxane Paints and UV Cure Adhesives. We Supply to an ever growing range of Industries including Aerospace, Engineering, Fuel Tank Lining, Building and Construction as well as working Architects, Designers and Specifiers.

All our products are manufactured under strict control in accordance with our QC systems and is ISO9001:2008 compliant. We also use independent testing bodies to provide our clients with added assurance that the product does what it is required to do.